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How To Embrace the 'Summer Slump' with Employee Gifts

The Summer Slump is real and in full swing for employees during June, July, and August with Forbes reporting that workplace productivity drops 20% during the summer. So why not take this opportunity to celebrate your employees for all the hard work they’ve done up to this point with summer-themed Gift Boxes Canada sent right to their homes?

The Project

We were approached by KPMG Canada to create cocktail gift boxes for their Team Summer Social event. Our client wanted us to create a fun margarita kit so we knew we wanted to play up the tropical vibes that come from drinking a margarita by using bright vibrant colors and flavors!

We incorporated the essentials for a flavourful margarita including Kinsip’s Orange Bitters from Prince Edward County, Kanel Spices Jalapeño Verde & Lime Salt for rimming the glass, lime, and a small treat of Squish Vegan Gummy Candies. We made sure to also bring the island vibe to the outside of the Curated Gift Boxes in Canada by creating a custom branded sticker with tropical leaves and a custom message from our KPMG client.

These Custom Gift Boxes Toronto came together perfectly and we were so happy to get to send out tropical-themed gifts at a time when we all could use a beach-side vacation and a margarita!

Tell us, how do you celebrate your team?

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3 Ways To Add Value to Your Client Gifts

Have you ever browsed a product or service online and then were instantly bombarded with ads for that exact same product from competitors? Today there are so many ways for competitors to grab the attention of your clients and if you don’t do anything to show them they are valued they may just switch over to a competitor.

According to a study, 68% of clients stop buying products or services from a company because they perceive that the company is indifferent towards them and their business. Besides offering excellent customer service and a quality product, you need to show your appreciation!

Here are 3 ways to add value to your Employee Appreciation Gifts Toronto and create long lasting personal connections that put you above your competitors.

1. Make it Meaningful

According to Forbes, high-level executives are more likely to be influenced by social movements and "value attributes." Grey Willow Gifts suggest creating a Gift Boxes in Toronto that gives back by incorporating products that align with your company's values and theirs.

Are you a business that strives to be sustainable? Skip those cellophane-wrapped baskets and aim for a gift that shares your values with a locally made wooden gift box (yes, we use these!). Does your client enjoy supporting local or BIPOC-owned businesses? Make sure you take this into consideration when creating your gift; it will show that you put thought into it. You can even make mention of these values in your notecard by saying something as simple as, “We hope you enjoy these products chosen just for you from local Toronto women-owned businesses.”

2. Make it Memorable

Do you want your gift to make an impact that keeps your business top of mind? We suggest including a product that will last for years in their home or office. Think quality artisan goods like a beautiful Turkish throw or a handmade Christmas ornament. These are items that will become a part of their family memories and special moments and will serve as a continuous reminder of your thoughtful gift. Every time they look at it or use it your business will come to mind.

3. Make it Personal

Business dealings can sometimes be cold and impersonal. To add a little human touch we suggest adding a meaningful handwritten thank you note that is personalized to the recipient. This is one of the most powerful and cheapest ways to spark a stronger personal connection so make it worth your while. Consider using examples of what you appreciate about their business or how they have contributed to your business success.

Clients need to feel valued and appreciated by the companies they choose to work with. Show them that they matter with gestures that go above and beyond your competitors and you will improve client retention and probably even gain more clients from all the rave reviews you’ll be receiving!

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2 Canadian Black-Owned Products For BHM Employee Gifts

We always love getting to work with Intuit Canada because they put so much thought into the products they would like included in their gift boxes and this project was no different. In February we had the pleasure of creating Gift Boxes Toronto in honor of Black History month for over 300 Intuit Canada employees.


For this project, we were asked to source products from two black-owned businesses, specifically one product from Ontario and one from Alberta to represent where both of Intuit's Canadian offices are located.


We sourced products from two Canadian black-owned and women-owned businesses that we're able to accommodate our tight timeline. Dupe from Travelling Dishes and Taylor from Cup of Té ensured us that they could turn around enough product to meet our tight timeline and they did just that!

We included English Breakfast loose leaf tea from Cup of Té in Toronto, Ontario and Nigerian Chin Chin bites from Travelling Dishes in Edmonton, Alberta; you can never go wrong with tea and a sweet treat!


The products were packaged in a black gloss gift box and completed with a large custom branded sticker that included a personal message from Intuit Canada’s Country Manager, David Marquis.


We love to make the process of gifting a whole lot easier for our clients; we handle everything from gift creation, product sourcing, shipping and we even take care of the collection of mailing addresses if needed. For this project, we made a custom Intuit landing page and sent the secure link to 300+ employees to submit their mailing addresses. Once completed their information was sent directly to us and our Intuit client didn't have to collect one address--yes, it's a game-changer!

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